Dragon Back Hats

  Dragon Back Hats are carefully designed to simulate soft, warm baby dragon hide so that no actual dragons need be killed.

  Black: The black dragons lair in deep dark caves or outer space. The adult dragon is 30 feet long and has average intelligence. Black dragons feed on bituminous coal and pepper plants. A clutch is generally one to three eggs. Babies are fed by their mothers until they are about 150 pounds. Adult dragons hiss absolute zero air, baby his ice water.

Black Dragon Back $25

  Blue: Blue dragons lair by the sea in caves or on islands. Blue dragons continue to grow throughout life and can reach enormous age and size. They feed on fish and sea creatures. Blues spit a mildly acidic liquid. A clutch of blue eggs is usually 3 to 5 eggs and is watched over by the mother until they are about 60 pounds.

Blue Dragon Back  $25

  Green: Green dragons reside in caves near woods or in the thickest part of rain forests. They have average intelligence and adults are about 35 feet long. They eat only vegetation but can level a corn field with brimstone. A clutch is generally 3 to 5 eggs. Baby greens are on their own almost from birth.

Green Dragon Backs  $25/each

  Purple: Purple dragons generally live in mountaintop caves or under high rock ledges. They eat birds and flying mammals. Adult purples grow to as much as 60 feet long and can fly as fast as the average jet plane. A single egg is laid twice in a lifetime and the baby is cared for until it is 200 pounds.

Purple Dragon Back  $25

  The red dragon lives in caves in the mountains. They eat vegetation and rubies. Wherever there are red dragons there are ruby mines. The adult reds can reach 48 feet in length and possesses exceptional intelligence. The red dragon's breathe fire. A red clutch is 1 or 2 eggs. If there are 2, the babies are identical twins. Red dragons are abandoned in the nest when they reach about 50 pounds.

Red Dragon Backs $20 - $25

  Rainbow: Rainbow dragons are very rare but can be found living in any kind of terrain and feeding on whatever is plentiful in the region. They are known to steal sweet treats from humans. Rainbows grow to 25 feet and spit ink. Eggs are laid one at a time and babies are cared for until the parent dies.

Rainbow Dragon Back  $30

Order hats at   dovedrop@gmx.com       Shipping and Handling will be added to the base price.  No dragons were harmed in the making of these hats.  Custom Color hats take about 2 weeks.   --Prairie Mama